7 Easy Steps to Avoid Gutter Damage from Ruining your Day, Home and Wallet.

7 Easy Steps to Avoid Gutter Damage

from Ruining your Day, Home and Wallet

Spring is finally here. As you gleefully watch the snow and ice melt away, winter’s unfortunate aftermath is very evident on the exterior of your home, including your gutters. Although the icicles that hung off your house this winter were pretty as they sparkled and shined in the sunlight, they actually were a warning sign that your gutters were clogged (and probably still are)! Since those pesky clogged gutters can cause major damage to your home, follow these 7 easy steps to maintain your gutters.

STEP 1 — Clear debri from your gutters. In case you are a new homeowner, this video will guide you through the process.

STEP 2 — Check downspouts to ensure they are connected correctly and clear from debri.    

STEP 3 — Check for leaky gutters and signs of sagging.

STEP 4 — Check your attic insulation. Proper insulation minimizes roof snow melt which help alleviate gutter buildup.  

STEP 5 — Remove snow and ice build up from roof using a snow rake.  

STEP 6 — Chip away ice with an ice pick or similar tool. Be careful not to damage roof & gutters.

STEP 7 — Sprinkle calcium chloride inside the gutters to melt ice build up.

Following these preventative measures can help alleviate ice clogs in your gutters and significant damage to your gutters, home and wallet. For ultimate protection, F/S can easily install leaf guards that prevent clogged gutters and minimize gutter maintenance. However, if your gutters are too far gone, do not fear because F/S is here!

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