5 Quick Steps

5 Quick Steps

For Dealing with a Roofing Insurance Claim

The never ending snowfall and brutal cold has us dreaming of warmer weather, grilling season and finally leaving that bulky coat behind.  As we not so patiently wait for spring to arrive, it is a good time for a refresher on what to do if your roof is damaged by one of those inevitable spring storms. Although we hope this doesn’t happen, we are here to help with these 5 quick (and hopefully painless) steps for dealing with a roofing insurance claim.

STEP 1:  ASSESS THE DAMAGE – Take pictures and notes of any damage you see. Don’t forget to take down the date too. 

STEP 2: CALL YOUR LOCAL ROOFER – Have your licensed local roofing contractor come out to assess the damage and provide an estimate. They can help you deal with the insurance adjustor too; they are, after-all, the professionals.

STEP 3: CALL YOUR INSURANCE AGENT – Learn about what your insurance covers and schedule a time for an adjustor to come out. Make sure your roofing contractor is there during the inspection. 

STEP 4: DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER – Work with your roofing contractor to file a claim. If you are not happy with the initial inspection, have another adjustor come out. Damage to your home means decreased value! 

STEP 5: GET YOUR ROOF FIXED! – Once your claim is approved, have your trusty roofing contractor get started right away. Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy your new roof!